Hermetic Seal

Created from metal and glass, Hermetic Seals provide a safe and secure environment for products. Airtight and electrically isolating, they maintain equipment at its best.

Multipurpose goods

  • HermeticST-56-3
  • HermeticST-56-4
  • HermeticST-56-4L
  • HermeticST-38-3


  • With the in-sourcing of our plating processing, eyelet has also been fabricated in house, allowing us to swiftly respond to changing needs while maintaining competitive costs. By using our Multipurpose Stems, our customers can expect lower prices, as we are constantly striving for the world’s best cost performance.
  • With equipment more than 10 millions pcs capacity per month, our global scale of production allows us to accommodate large orders without difficulty.
  • From product design to Die design, Stamping, and Plating, we maintain end-to-end production and quality control.

Custom Items

  • HermeticCS-1311-18
  • HermeticCS-56-3-SLIM
  • HermeticCS-56-3-Cu
  • HermeticCS-74-8(Au plating partially peeled off)
    (Au plating partially peeled off)


  • With the equipment capacity for high-precision die production, we can accept orders for custom shapes with a minimal time to delivery. Order size can range from 1 item to semi-mass-production.

Resin Stem Packages

Using precision inset molding technology, we can produce high-quality mold products. By making open-type light pickups from resin molds, we can produce competitively priced stem packages.

Multipurpose items

  • Resin Stem PackagesFL-56
  • Resin Stem PackagesFL-SLIM


  • With our in-house production including insert molding dies, production is controlled from start to finish.
  • We can also produce chip LED insert molded devices (please inquire separately)

7 Days Experimental Service

7 Days Experimental Service

Fastest Service in this industry, able to provide sample within 7 days only!
It takes 7days only to provide sample upon drawing of such as Leadframe, MOLD, FL(may vary depending on the specification)

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